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Our Story, Mission & Innovation

Our Story

Since 1991, Accutrace, Inc. has become a leader in providing time-critical, technologically advanced development and manufacturing services for the electronics industry. Encompassing all aspects of the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, Accutrace, Inc. offers seamless integration of services for each phase of the process – from prototype to production (small to medium lot production.)

Our diverse and fast-growing base of more than 2,000 customers represents a wide range of end markets including communications, computer, auto, industrial, and volume electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers, etc.

Our extremely flexible operating environment delivers highly advanced, multi-layer boards in as little as 24 hours. Our Quick-Turn service is characterized by extremely complex work, at lower volumes, with rigorous turnaround requirements.

Our core services are enhanced by a New Customer Development offering, which provides customers with needed resources and technology to bring products to maturity. Accutrace offers complete product solution from design and prototyping to production. 

Our seamless vendor/customer partnership allows us to provide high levels of continuity, quality and value.

Our global partnership leverage allows customers to tap into a lower cost solution with unmatched manufacturing performance and global market reach.

Accutrace has recognized the Internet to be a unique PCB revolutionary element for influencing business communication, in shaping supply chain networks and driving a dynamic virtual marketplace for procurement managers. Our e-business and B2B infrastructure take integration across various platforms and enterprises, allowing our customers to engage in secure, real-time transactions via the internet.

At Accutrace we have developed leading-edge B2B systems to enable business processes such as instant quotes, placing orders, checking status, etc. These automated processes lead to the delivery of responsive sales order management and Configure-to-Order (CTO) manufacturing leading to Direct Fulfillment to the end customer. 

Accutrace has made it a priority to invest in a global extranet infrastructure by developing a winning e-solution web site. 

Our Main Product: 

Time-Critical & Time-to-Volume Printed Circuit Board Fabrication & Engineering. 

DFM Analyses in the USA on All Gerber Data: 

Every project is carefully analyzed for its compliance with DFM. Within hours of receipt of new Gerber files our highly experienced DFM engineers conduct these analyses with thoroughness and precision. Our testing includes:

  • Correcting file format issues.
  • Comparing fabrication drawings with drill data
  • Hanging traces
  • Spacing and angular-ring violation·
  • Silk Screen Clipping
  • Fix Solder Mask
  • Fix inner layer problems 
  • Checking Excellon Drill file
  • Fab drawing for its accuracy (slots and cutouts)
  • Technical Communications
  • Conversion to metric systems.

One point of Contact:

Communication that is seamless of borders and free of language barriers.

Pre-Fab Consultations and Design for Manufacturing:

Accutrace ensures the quality of your design before sending it for manufacturing.

24x7 Overseas Support:

Committed 24x7 to ensure the highest quality products and services.

Life-Cycle Support:

Support you in every phase of your project. Up from protos to full production.

Quality Checkpoints:

A multi-step process in place to ensure the quality of work.

Transit Control:

Customers are sheltered from the hassles of logistics, freight and customs, and assured of an on-time delivery.

Economies of Scale:

Customers benefit from our buying power